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We understand Self-Employment is more than just simply “being” in business.

When discussing self-employment many believe that “being your own boss” means that it’s about selective hours, and the freedom from the micromanager on your shoulder, because after all “you are your own boss”, and “you’re in control.”

But we know that being self employed isn’t as easy as many believe. Especially in the early stages you are essentially the business and for your business to grow it can really consume a lot of your personal time, focus, and resources.  

 We work with self-employed business owners to help them realize their growth objectives by focusing our efforts on aligning the finance functions and administrative strategies, of your company you are able to focus on what’s truly important:

Satisfying your customers and increasing the demand of your products and/or services.

What can we offer to you and your business?

  • Business Planning and Registration Services
  • Consultation Services
  • Administrative Services
  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax Preparation and filing services
  •  Asset Management Solutions
  • Funding/Financing Procurement Services

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