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Management, Advisory, & Financial Services

We specialize in assisting you in the various roles you play as a business owner. We offer the following services.

Business Consultation Services

We have over 20 years consulting and business experience, assisting business owners in developing there business.


Grants & Loans Services

Whether you seeking finance solutions for your equiptment or inventory, or a looking to see if you qualify for governmaent funding or grants, We have access to a wide array of financing solutions to meet your needs


Bookkeeping Services

Monthly ,Quarterly bookkeeping services to help you to better organize and manage your business.


Tax Preparation Services

OFS is glad to assist you with your year end accounting tasks, by providing businesses and individuals alike tax preparation services.


Asset Management

We assist business owners by working with them to establish a systematic approach to the way you run your business, which allows you to bring about a further realization of value within your business and organization.


Liability Management Services

Our Liability Managemenrt packages include an 1 on 1 assessment of your current Credit profile, and in cases where imprrovement is recommended offer settlement and bureau updating assistance for your personal debts.


Joint Venture Solutions

We offer a combination of all of the services on this page and even more in our joint venture package. This package is for select business candidates who would rather partner with OFS on qualified ventures, without the pressure of upfront service costs.


Administrative and Operations Support

From services such as Business registration, business planning, zoning permits, to name a few, we offer support and viable solutions for all the administrative and operation functiions keeping you away from your business.


Obsidian Financial Services has been giving exceptional Financial Services to since 1998.

Excellent Track Records

For each step of the way, we have you and your business covered.

2500+ in Financing Requests

We started out as underwriter by trade, let us assist you and your business in your financing, and funding efforts.

Experienced Managing Partners

Over 20 years in personal business experience, all at your access.

Structure your business to make money, while raising Capital

People invest in profitable businesses. Let us help in structuring your business to make more.

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