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Obsidian Financial Services have assisted canadian familiies, entrepreneurs and their businesses to  reach their milestones and  financial objectives since 1998 

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We are so much more than simply financial services, but that is where we started...

Obsidian Financial Services was founded in 1998 with the original mission of assisting canadians and small businesses attain financing through offering an assortment of financing solutions. 

Today, we have evolved and grown into quite the assortment of specialized companies, partnerships and affiliations, and are able to offer an amazing array of financial, and administrative services to assist our members, and clients, to focus on  the things that makes a difference in their business.


Improve your revenue with
our OFS JV Membership Packages

If you are a small business with annual revenues of more than $25,000 and would like an expert consultant with invested interest in your success. 

Our Packages include the following services bundled together.

Business Registration

This would include registration of articles of incorporation, domain, email and website registration. For those who have not completed a business plan, we will help devlop one for you.

Bookkeeping Services

Monthly reconciliation and tax planning preparation services allow you to see the numbers through both your own eyes, and throught the eyes of those who assess the numbers to find the effeciencies.

Advisory Meetings

Advisory consultation meetings gives you the flexibility of having an advisory board at your fingertips. We spend a great amount of focus in the initial meetings getting a firm understanding of your business.

Grant & Loans Procurement

Our original specialty, Once we have a firm understanding of your business, we keep track of potential waya of assisting you to leverage your business with capital, by matching and walking you through available financing solutions to you and your business.

Our Original Logo

During the past 20 years of operation, our priority has always been to maintain strong relationships with our members, clients, customers, and associates.

Insightful Expertise over 20 years in the making

Our vision is to build a network of successful and sustainable businesses and founders.  

To build a Rock solid start for those proud canadians, and business owners seeking financial and administrative support. 

Our Value proposition is simple: We provide a team of professionals to assist you in your financial and entreprenurial endeavours.


Obsidian Financial Services has been giving extraordinary financial advisory services to Canadian companies since 1998

Excellent Track Records

Between us and our affiliation of related companies, we take pride in our track records and results.

2500+ Clients Served

We take great pleasure in the many different individuals, families, and business we have served over the years.

A Team of Invaluable Experience

We have an assortment of award winning talent and skiill behind you.

$1.2 Billion in Financing

Since inception we have received over $1.2 billion in financing requests, and we are more than happy to assist you in your financing endeavours.

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Obsidian Financial Services is a proud supporter of
Canadian business.

Are you looking to be part of a fulfilling experience?

If you have a keen interest or competency in bookkeeping, accounting, or underwriting , or keen business professional seeking  role that allows you to assist others,  

Let's get started working together and understanding your organization.

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